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  • Welcome to Jacqués Wood

    Welcome to Jacqués Wood

    Inspired by Jack’s Kombucha, we set out to find an entry into the market for exotic woods, to provide an alternative made from waste products right here in Cornwall.

    While exotic woods travel across continents, our sustainable wood-alternative can be sourced and made locally, near the brewers, vineyards and distilleries that sell the finished products.

    The inspiration for Jacqués Wood’s sustainable wood alternative

    We are not the first. A company called Pyrus won a James Dyson Award to upscale their production of jewellry and guitar pics made from this process.

    For over a decade, plant protein has been used to make colourful wood-look jewellry and reusable coffee cups. These materials represent an incredible opportunity to create an alternative to wood to reduce the impact on deforestation from demand for wood and pulp paper products.

    We set out to design a statement piece for vineyards, to present the first rare, collectibles bottles each year from their new vintage.

    This sustainable wood alternative is a byproduct of the drink brewery process combined with cellulose biomass, a waste product from food. Drinks such as wine and cider could be sold in presentation boxes made from their waste product.

    An exclusive, limited-edition presentation box for the first new vintage wine or a rare and collectible port or brandy could become a symbol for the beginning of sustainable global production with a low carbon footprint.

    The artisan brewing and distilling process has blossomed all over the United Kingdom. These sites could make an ideal location for the production of wood an paper from a waste product, pioneering in the circular economy.

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